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Sunday, December 17, 2006

My UFO sightings

I have seen UFOs several times, both alone and with other eye witnesses. The three most interesting cases I will describe below:

Case 1.

About 10 years ago I was out for a walk in my neighbourhood at night, and when crossing through a small hill with trees and bushes i noticed a very bright light up in the sky, looked like a very bright shining star. I was standing on a clearing on this hill, having a view over my neighbourhood. First I thought it was some kind of comet or similar, so I was about to go home and get my telescope to study it further. But at the moment I was about to turn, the light suddenly "turned off" and it got completely dark, for about 2 seconds, and then to my amazement it turned back on but this time I could clearly see a huge object with several colored lights around it. The UFO was hovering above a house in my neighbourhood, and within few minutes it started to float slowly away and dissapeared out of sight behind a mountain. Below is a drawing I made of this sighting, first as it appeared #1, and how it changed into #2. The red triangle is the roof of the house it hovered above.

Case 2.

This time me and my brother was in Denmark, 7 years ago, spending some time in a cabin out in the woods. One night we were out wandering together we suddenly noticed 2 large objects flying above us, with a pattern glowing red under them. They quickly flew across the sky and dissapeared, maybe within 10 seconds. Below is an drawing of how they seemed to us from beneath looking up at them.

Case 3.

Me and a friend, about 5 years ago, were yet again in Denmark, but in a completely different part of the country. This time we were down by a lake at night, walking by the shores, just chatting and enjoying some beer. And at some point, as we are looking out over the lake from the shores, a huge object suddenly comes up from the water. It is hard to describe the object itself, as what happens is we see the object rising up with water flowing over it and down into the lake, and then suddenly the next thing we remember is walking around confused by the shores talking about what we just saw.. In other words, we experienced some lost time with this strange sighting. We have no idea what the object was, or if it flew up in the sky, or whatever happened, as all we remember is the part where its coming up from the water and then our minds are blank until the point where the object is gone and we are trying to figure out what just happend. Below is a bad drawing of the object coming up from the lake:

So, that was my three most interesting and strange sightings.. there has been some others too but they mainly consist of lightballs flying in the sky etc, nothing special


Prosperity-Coach said...

Thanks for sharing great UFO content!

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Taylore Vance
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Anonymous said...

It's a streetlight.

Anonymous said...