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Friday, January 12, 2007

My 3 days in a parallel future universe

What happened to me was not that I stumbled over some time machine or strange vortexes or anything like that.. I know many people here will think what I will say now is nonsense, but I do not care, I know it is real because I experienced it myself firsthand.

I have, for more than a decade now, been experimenting with astral projection among other things. So a couple months back, I was sitting down to try initiate an astral projection and just have some fun. What happened though, was quite extraordinary. At the moment of separation, I found myself somewhere else, in some kind of city, right outside a building. This in itself wasn't so strange, I have been to countless other dimensions and astral planes before. But now, I decided to go through the wall and see what was inside the building. Normally, when I project, i find myself able to pass through solid objects, like being a ghost. Though this time, as I moved into the wall, I fiercely crashed into it and fell down on the ground in pain- I was perplexed, wondering what this could be, never before had I problems going through a wall in this way.

As I get myself back up on my feet, I notice a girl next to me.. and she is laughing, asking me what the hell I am doing.. I talk to her, and to put things short, it turns out she is my girlfriend in this dimension - apparently I have taken over someone else's body for a while. At first I do not tell her this of course, but rather follow her inside the building - through a door this time-, seems that is where we were heading in the first place. Inside, things seem very futuristic, everything is very high-tech, various desks with computers and stuff. And we go to an elevator, that is kind of strange, moving sideways in a 45 degree elevation, instead of straight up, and it has some "high tech equipment" of some sort inside it. Various panels etc. We meet some friends of ours there, of course I do not know any of them, and got no idea what their names are or anything - even though they greet me and obviously knows me, just like the girl does. They chatter on alittle, I am mostly silent, but when they leave I decide to tell the girl that I am not sure whats going on, but I am from another place and somehow have gotten in control of her boyfriends body. Of course she doesn't believe this at first, and laughs at me, but eventually she understands that something strange is going on, as I behave very different from what her boyfriend would.

Once I convince her, we go to some kinda bar to sit down and relax, and try find out what is happening- my feelings is that she thinks I am crazy or something, as she is talking about we should go to some doc.. In any case, I buy a beer in this pub, and drinks it up while we talk.. I am telling her how I projected astrally and ended up in their world etc. At some point, I take a look at the beer can, and to my amazement I see it says "Made in CB - Kristiansand" - CB is a brewery in my old town Kristiansand of Norway, here in "real life" - and I shout out, "What, are you kidding me, don't tell me the name of this town is Kristiansand?" And yeah, it turns out that is what it is. At this moment, I realize I am not just in some other dimension, but I am actually in some kind of parallel world, an alternate version of my own reality. She tells me about friends and family here in this alternate world, and some of them I know, some of them I don't. Both my parents are alive, though in this reality one of them are dead. But they are divorced. There are many minor differences like this, among others she shows me some maps and aerial photos of the city, and it is much larger than it is in reality, and as I move around in the city I also see its more high tech and modern than what it is here in this world. We visit several places, friends and family, to try find out what is going on here.. of course most of them think we are bullshitting, or that I have turned nuts.

After some while we decide go to her place as its getting late.. Without going into details about what we were doing there, I can tell you at some point we went to bed, and the morning after I woke up and found myself to still be there. At this point though, I had to focus more to not "slip" away and back, but it wasn't a big problem to keep my awareness in the body of this alternate version of myself.

We spent some more time both at her place, and at some friends of ours place, to try figure out more.. We couldn't really figure out much though, but at least she was starting to believe me by now. I met some more friends I don't know, they are asking me questions referring to stuff I got no idea about, but apparently I should have, such as names of coworkers, in a job i don't know anything about.

I went around some on my own too, while this girl was at work, and studied the surroundings. Was interesting, alot of it was very much the same way as it is for real, and yet alot was different. What I really noticed was that it seemed to be somewhat into the future, all my friends, my girlfriend, and myself seemed to be in our mid-30s - close to 40 (here I am 25) and everything was more futuristic.

The time moved on, and it got later and dark again, and yet again we went to bed. This time we slept over in the house of a friend. I woke up early because some other friend came over, knocking at the doors. She was gonna drive the other friend to work, and was greeting me briefly before leaving.

Me and the girl got up and went out again, but now on this 3rd day I started to feel strange, hard to focus, and I had to try really hard to keep myself "there" - feeling a tugging and floating sensation within. I was still completely aware of what was going on, knowing that I had projected to some alternate universe, and that I was controlling someone elses body. This was a strange thought in itself, and had some moral issues to think about, and strange questions like where was this other guy while I was in his body etc? In any case, I was not able to keep staying in this place for very much longer now, at some point I snapped out of the body of this guy and floated back to my own, and found myself back to normal reality.

Strange thing is, here only a couple hours had passed, while I still had intact memories of several days and all the things I had been doing. I was quite amazed about the experience, and have been philosophizing alot about it since then..


Anonymous said...

I believe you friend. I would like to go on journeys like this. Can you tell me how? My email is pratik4311@yahoo.com thankyou

Anonymous said...

Long ago I had friend that found herself in a male body of someone in the distant past.

It would be interesting to know
how you did your projection.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that projecting can cause you to actually age faster. Has this been your experience?


Edward Alexander said...

Thanks for the comments!

To those of you who want to learn how to astral project I reccommand the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. He also has a website with a great amount of information on this subject and how to do it etc: www.astraldynamics.com Check it out.

And to the guy who wonders if it makes one age faster, no there is no indications of such. It doesnt affect your physical body in any way as far I have observed

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you post. I too highly recommend the Astral Dynamics book. It is one of the best books that I have read on the subject. What a wonderful experience to have had. Some day I too may have one similar. Isn't it amazing how fascinating experiences just occur, often without conscious intention...at least that has been my case. I concur about the aging issue. In my experience astral projecting does not make one age faster. In fact, whenever after astral projecting I feel a lot younger and more energetic.

abraham said...

i believe in astral projection and i have read a couple of books about it but i have a question that i hope you can answer. this will maybe sound odd but in the books i read it says that "keeping and not wasting sexual energies" (in other words not masturbating i think) is really helpful and necessary to achieve astral projection, in your experience is this truth?

Tana.- said...

Very interesting, i like this kind of things, but i never do a astral proyection, always was inconscientious... i want to lern!!

Rianna said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...

Edward Alexander: Can you choose where to go when astral projectioning? Please email me: mora1099@gmail.com