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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Message about my busy days

Hello there all readers of my website !

Sorry for not writing you more often. But i've been very busy lately, many things going on these days. Hopefully things are going well with you!

I moved to another city with my new girlfriend and her kid, and we are living in a small town now with around 60 000 inhabitants. It's a beautiful place. There are some pictures from the place in my other private profile: www.myspace.com/shaganoz

With that said, I'm working hard these days on my usual research and studies, as well as experiments and developement with the occult, magick, spiritual and related matters. I am for the moment building a new site about this purpose alone, called Minds Vision, at the adress http://mindsvision.blogspot.com

At this moment I am working on an article series there called Psychic Developement, which will hopefully be a useful aid to anyone wanting to know how to find their inner powers. You'll find it over at my Minds Vision site. Instructions in form of video and audio is also available in addition to the articles themselves.

In additions I've fixed some things on my other website Dark-Truth.org , such as making the menu more easy to navigate, and try to update it more frequently with important videos and articles concerning the conspiracies, the paranormal, ancient history and mysteries, illuminati and the new world order, police state and society issues, world condition, the occult and spiritual and much more.

Also trying to save up some money for projects I've planned, such as video documentaries and books related to the material I research and practise. But getting funding for such is hard so I am dependent on donations from users of my site as I put a lot of time into this work which is unpaid, and I have to fund myself completely on my own.

Well hope everything is good over there and that you'll have a nice week. May peace and love be with you!

If you want to check my site and see the new content and updates, feel free to do so:

Edward Alexander

A brief morning projection

This morning I decided to try go out of my body for some fun.

I was in bed and relaxed and had just awaken from sleep, which is a perfect state to start an astral projection from. I was laying there thinking about swaying up and down like floating on gentle waves for a moment; while having my intention of projection in mind. It didn't take many minutes before I felt the energies and vibrating sensation through my body, and I knew I was close. So I asked for assistance to get up, called for my guardian angel, or rather spirit guide as I like to call him (To be honest what I really call him is my "magick wizard man")

I felt a presence but first didn't see anyone, then I was a bit startled as suddenly I saw myself floating above myself! But I just asked myself to help myself out (how strange doesn't that sound?) And a moment later I found myself floating in my bedroom.

As a side note to the above experience of seeing myself float above me: It IS possible that what I actually saw, was myself in bed, and me being the one floating above my physical body in bed. However, it is not of great importance what it really was. We do have other astral bodies too in any case so its equally possible it was one of my other "astral doubles"

In any case, as I was floating in my bedroom, I was holding my astral hands out and touching the walls. I could see my hands morph and change, fingers getting longer and distorted and such. Normally I don't even see my hands, they are usually transparent or invisible. This time I saw them just as physical as they do when I'm in my physical body.

After a while I decided to try project out through the window. I've learned that the key is not to try force yourself out through it by pushing against it as for me that usually makes it just very hard getting anywhere. Instead I focus on a point outside the window and imagine myself there.

And then in a moment I found myself out in the streets outside my apartment. But that's not where I wanted to be for this time, instead I wanted to check out some friends whom I've recently moved from. They live in a hostel around 400km away from me.

So I focused my intention on the hostel and willed myself to my old bedroom there, which I used to share with my friends by the way, and then as by magic there I was, floating in the room.

However, there were nobody in the room, so I assumed they were out as they study and such and it was in the middle of the afternoon. So I rather decided to just go back to my own apartment.

As I arrived in my apartment I once again found myself slightly floating partially outside of my physical body. And this time my astral hands were invisible, but I could feel them when touching them together or touching my astral or physical body with them.

Shortly thereafter the experience was abruptly ended because of my little dog coming in and barfing and disturbing me, so I got up and had to clean some pee from the floor. Oh what a little bugger.

At least I had a short but nice experience, which was well worth it even though not much happened.

Good luck to anyone else experimenting with such things! And keep an eye on my site, as some of the psychic development articles I am writing will be about out of body experiences and astral projection and related.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lesson 2 - Telekinesis: Psi Wheel

This is the instruction video for my lesson called "Telekinesis - Psi Wheel" which is second lesson in my article series "Psychic Development" which can be found on my website here using the menu on top of the page.

There you will also be able to read the full instructions with illustrations, as well as download the whole lesson in audio format as mp3.

This spesific lesson is teaching you the basics of telekinetic powers and how to use it to manipulate physical objects. I highly reccommend following my lessons from Article 1 and do them step by step as they are meant to gradually build up your psychic powers and energies.

Lesson 1: Basic meditation and energy work

This is from my article series "Psychic Development", this spesific one is the audio version of an lesson called "Basic meditation and energy work". You can also find the whole instructions with illustrations and downloadable audio lesson in mp3 format on my website using the menu on top.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Psychic Development Articles Series

How to find and strengthen your inner & outer powers

I've decided to write a series of articles called "Psychic Development" as many people have asked me how to do the things I've been writing about and how to improve their own skills with such matters.

This article series will deal with topics such as:

* Meditation and energy work
* Awareness and consciousness
* Altered states of mind
* The Universal Energy Force
* The All - The Mind of the Universe
* Spiritual & universal laws and principles
* How to see auras
* Reincarnation
* Mental training and focusing
* Body, Mind, Soul - Their connection and function
* Healing
* Creating energy balls a.k.a. Psi Balls
* Dowsing
* Telekinesis
* Lucid dreaming
* Remote Viewing
* Astral Projection / Out of Body Experience
* Centering, grounding and energy cleansing
* Magick and ritual work
* Guardian angels / Spiritual guides
* Spiritual beings / Astral entities
* And probably much more!

These articles will not necessarily be written in the order of the topics mentioned above, but all these matters will be featured in the coming articles I will write on this subject so keep an eye on the site frequently.

I am writing this material to help people find their inner being and realize their great potentials and abilities. Hopefully it will help people attain deeper understanding of themselves, the universe, the existence and the mysteries of the spiritual realms both within us and around us and the powers we all posses. In addition, following the techniques and exercises I will provide will also hopefully make you feel like a more harmonic, peaceful and knowledgeable person, who will no longer fear death, and instead life to its fullest knowing that there will be so many amazing adventures awaiting beyond this physical reality whenever that time comes.

You may also find yourself with a completely new perspective and view on life, yourself and everything that surrounds us, the questions about god and the heavenly, other realms, and get truly fantastic insights and understandings about such enigmas.

And who knows, you may even find yourself with the power to help other people as well, becoming a teacher or healer, through the powers and abilities you will develop within yourself through these teachings. And what can be better in life, than being able to give other a helping hand or show them the true light that shines out there in the seemingly endless darkness?

It is a beautiful and endless journey, that will bring you through so many amazing experiences, that you have to see it for yourself to believe how wonderful it is. I can only give you a key to open these doors within yourself, show you a path to follow to reach that golden sun in the end of the road, and I wish you all the best of luck if you chose to go through that portal which will lead you to your true self and the connection with the divine.
The Menu to access these articles is found on top of the page, right under the text "The Mental Flow of Edward Alexander".

With peace and love,

Edward Alexander