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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A brief morning projection

This morning I decided to try go out of my body for some fun.

I was in bed and relaxed and had just awaken from sleep, which is a perfect state to start an astral projection from. I was laying there thinking about swaying up and down like floating on gentle waves for a moment; while having my intention of projection in mind. It didn't take many minutes before I felt the energies and vibrating sensation through my body, and I knew I was close. So I asked for assistance to get up, called for my guardian angel, or rather spirit guide as I like to call him (To be honest what I really call him is my "magick wizard man")

I felt a presence but first didn't see anyone, then I was a bit startled as suddenly I saw myself floating above myself! But I just asked myself to help myself out (how strange doesn't that sound?) And a moment later I found myself floating in my bedroom.

As a side note to the above experience of seeing myself float above me: It IS possible that what I actually saw, was myself in bed, and me being the one floating above my physical body in bed. However, it is not of great importance what it really was. We do have other astral bodies too in any case so its equally possible it was one of my other "astral doubles"

In any case, as I was floating in my bedroom, I was holding my astral hands out and touching the walls. I could see my hands morph and change, fingers getting longer and distorted and such. Normally I don't even see my hands, they are usually transparent or invisible. This time I saw them just as physical as they do when I'm in my physical body.

After a while I decided to try project out through the window. I've learned that the key is not to try force yourself out through it by pushing against it as for me that usually makes it just very hard getting anywhere. Instead I focus on a point outside the window and imagine myself there.

And then in a moment I found myself out in the streets outside my apartment. But that's not where I wanted to be for this time, instead I wanted to check out some friends whom I've recently moved from. They live in a hostel around 400km away from me.

So I focused my intention on the hostel and willed myself to my old bedroom there, which I used to share with my friends by the way, and then as by magic there I was, floating in the room.

However, there were nobody in the room, so I assumed they were out as they study and such and it was in the middle of the afternoon. So I rather decided to just go back to my own apartment.

As I arrived in my apartment I once again found myself slightly floating partially outside of my physical body. And this time my astral hands were invisible, but I could feel them when touching them together or touching my astral or physical body with them.

Shortly thereafter the experience was abruptly ended because of my little dog coming in and barfing and disturbing me, so I got up and had to clean some pee from the floor. Oh what a little bugger.

At least I had a short but nice experience, which was well worth it even though not much happened.

Good luck to anyone else experimenting with such things! And keep an eye on my site, as some of the psychic development articles I am writing will be about out of body experiences and astral projection and related.



Anonymous said...

Blessings Edward,

I was looking for something like this and I used the 'Event Horizon' technique to find you this morning :) Thank you for the time and effort you have put into making your mp3 instruction manuals, they were a indeed a blessing. I tried it out and I had a small success on my first attempt. I will continue practicing diligently.

I would love to exchange links with you if would be interested. I created a site for gifted people, you might even be interested in joining. Let me know.

My site is http://www.universoulz.com

Thank you for blessing the world with your spirit.

Love N Light to you.
Universoul Empath

Edward Alexander said...

Thanks for the comment!

I'm glad you find my site useful. There is more articles and lessons to come so keep an eye up!

I will check out your site.