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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Message about my busy days

Hello there all readers of my website !

Sorry for not writing you more often. But i've been very busy lately, many things going on these days. Hopefully things are going well with you!

I moved to another city with my new girlfriend and her kid, and we are living in a small town now with around 60 000 inhabitants. It's a beautiful place. There are some pictures from the place in my other private profile: www.myspace.com/shaganoz

With that said, I'm working hard these days on my usual research and studies, as well as experiments and developement with the occult, magick, spiritual and related matters. I am for the moment building a new site about this purpose alone, called Minds Vision, at the adress http://mindsvision.blogspot.com

At this moment I am working on an article series there called Psychic Developement, which will hopefully be a useful aid to anyone wanting to know how to find their inner powers. You'll find it over at my Minds Vision site. Instructions in form of video and audio is also available in addition to the articles themselves.

In additions I've fixed some things on my other website Dark-Truth.org , such as making the menu more easy to navigate, and try to update it more frequently with important videos and articles concerning the conspiracies, the paranormal, ancient history and mysteries, illuminati and the new world order, police state and society issues, world condition, the occult and spiritual and much more.

Also trying to save up some money for projects I've planned, such as video documentaries and books related to the material I research and practise. But getting funding for such is hard so I am dependent on donations from users of my site as I put a lot of time into this work which is unpaid, and I have to fund myself completely on my own.

Well hope everything is good over there and that you'll have a nice week. May peace and love be with you!

If you want to check my site and see the new content and updates, feel free to do so:

Edward Alexander

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