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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lesson 2 - Telekinesis: Psi Wheel

This is the instruction video for my lesson called "Telekinesis - Psi Wheel" which is second lesson in my article series "Psychic Development" which can be found on my website here using the menu on top of the page.

There you will also be able to read the full instructions with illustrations, as well as download the whole lesson in audio format as mp3.

This spesific lesson is teaching you the basics of telekinetic powers and how to use it to manipulate physical objects. I highly reccommend following my lessons from Article 1 and do them step by step as they are meant to gradually build up your psychic powers and energies.


Anonymous said...

I know you only recently added presented these instructions, but I don't know why no one has commented, so just to show my support, I thought I would be the first.

For those who are ready, this does work, I've succeeded with it myself on my first attempt!

Blessings to you Edward :)

Remember to check out the community where gifted souls are the norm: http://www.universoulz.com

Anonymous said...

I thought this was AMAZING! I have always been interested in Telekinesis and Psi work. I was wondering...have you been able to actually levitate something using Psi or other methods? If so could you post a video or e-mail me something about it...thanks
E-mail adress: bite_me_1761@yahoo.com thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

i need help on moving it i did two times every time i focus real hard it moves the way i want it to but now it doesnt work anymore...............................please put a easier video on youtube and thank YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say...This video was simplay amazing. It's the first time I had a successful psi experience and it felt great. This was simple and very easily explained and I got it on my first try. Thank you Edward. I really appreciate it. Please create and post more videos when u have the time. Thanks again!

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