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Friday, May 2, 2008

A spiritual helping hand

Hello all.

I've decided to do something I don't normally do to/with random people I don't know, but something I've been doing for some friends for some time now. They seem to have benefited from it and they are all happy for me doing this for them and some of them have also achieved great spiritual experiences and deeper insights about themselves from this.

So first a little background information on what this is about:

I'm a frequent and long time researcher, student and practicer as well as teacher of so called "occult arts", "magick", "metaphysics", "psychic stuff" and so on. One of the things I do is frequently perform ceremonial magick, which includes various rituals and meditations.

This is what I will focus on here, and the ceremonial magick ritual in question is one I perform for friends and people whom have asked me to do, to help them to heal from diseases both physical and mental, other illnesses, problems in their lives, to gain deeper spiritual experiences and insights, to get in touch with their own spiritual self, guardian angels and spirit guides, financial trouble, love problems, social problems, phobias, and so on. To put things short, I have a list of people whom I help this way, and if you want I'll add you on that same list. If at some point you want me to remove you from you list, I will do so immediately.

The help I offer is not only a one-way passive thing for the one being helped, I will ask those who want to be helped to perform various easy to do meditations and rituals themselves to further improve the effect, as well as do my best to teach them some about the spiritual principles and laws that can be useful to know about so one can live more in tune with those and become more in harmony with oneself, others and the world - and beyond.

I do not demand anyone to do these things, or some parts they might not like to do for whatever reason, though I strongly recommend it for greater success.

In addition, as a note, I must add a DISCLAIMER: I must stress that anyone with any sorts of serious problems, physical or mental, should ALWAYS check up with a health-care professional first of all. You should also ask your health-care professional if he/she consider it fine for you to take part of this sort of "alternate self-help" and clearly tell all parts of what this involves. I am NOT a "guru", or "healer" or anything like that, just a guy who want to help in a way I feel I can. I do not promise any results, and I do not take any responsibility of any effects taking part of this might have on your part as this is a choice totally up to you.

So with that said, I've already posed a thread about the ritual this includes here: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=116089&view=findpost&p=2087376

The difference is that after evoking the arch angels, I ask them to send love, healing, power, joy, protection, success, cleansing and good fortune to everyone on my list, and I ask them to also help these people get in touch with their own guardian angels and spirit guides and gain deeper insights and understanding about themselves. I also ask my own guardian angel and spirit guide to help in this process. Then I spend a moment of meditation sending out love and good feelings to everyone on my list asking that they will achieve their goals in a way that is good to themselves and anyone involved. Then I continue the rest of the rituals and at the end thank the angels and guides for their blessings, love, help and support.

So that is pretty much it, those who want to take part of this can email me shaganoz@gmail.com to get added on this list. And please do not ask me to add other persons as I only will add people whom I've gotten the explicit permission to do so.

A good thing is that you can change anything for your better, and instead of creating negative manifestations, make them positive. Specially now that you are aware of this possibility, you should look more into literature about Thought Forms and how the Mind affects the Universe (and the world around you).

Actually all mystical teachings, magic, healing, psychic powers and etc all have this very important law to thank for their functionality - that your Mind is the creator of what happens in your life, and that what you have in your mind will Manifest in Reality.

Maybe you will find these related articles interesting and enlightening as well:

Here is an article about thought forms:

The All: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_All

The Mental Plane: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_plane

Law of Attraction: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Attraction

Kybalion (The seven hermetic principles): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kybalion

Hermeticism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermeticism

All of these articles has many terms and names linked to other articles specifically about them which you may find interesting to check out too.

Some books worth checking out regarding thought forms and the power of the mind:
Creating Magical Entities: http://www.amazon.com/Creating-Magickal-Entities-Complete-Creation/dp/1932517448

Wisdom of the Mystic Masters: http://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Mystic-Masters-Joseph-Weed/dp/0139615326

New Hermetics: http://www.amazon.com/New-Hermetics-Century-Magick-Illumination/dp/1578633052

Magical use of Thought Forms: http://www.amazon.com/Magical-Use-Thought-Forms-Empowerment/dp/1567180841

How to get rich with the secret use of quantum science:

The Secret - The Law of Attraction: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8232908426051098611

Short text on how to create thought forms for good purposes: http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/t/thought_forms_how_to_program_and_use.html

That's some resources for you to get your nose around in and see if it can make any sense and be as useful for you as it has for me.. With that said good luck on a great journey ahead of you, I'm sure you'll have many interesting and wonderful experiences and insights in the coming times!

I've also offered you to get signed up on a newsletter I will send out now and then with various meditations, rituals, philosophical and spiritual texts of my own, recommendations for books and videos and other things. So you can chose to be signed up on my ritual list, my newsletter list, or both. I do all this work for free and do not charge anything for anything just so that is clear, and for the records the newsletter will not contain any ads or such but be straight and informational on the topic this is about.

Any questions people here have regarding the rituals etc, or other things related to this thread, let me know!

Profound peace be with all!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Plants and consciousness

First some background information, here is part of an article regarding Dr. Cleve Backster's research with plants, as well as human cells etc. In this post I will focus on the plant perspective though.

Part of article from: http://www.primaryperception.com/bio/?page_id=7

If cells have a memory and can communicate, can the effects of this biocommunication between cells be detected by instruments? For almost 40 years one researcher, Cleve Backster, has pursued this question. Cleve had become an expert with the use of lie detectors. He was Director of the Keeler Polygraph Institute and worked for the CIA on interrogation tactics. In 1966 he attached a plant to a polygraph. The polygraph recording pen moved rapidly to the top of the chart when Cleve’s thought and intention was "to burn the leaf." As a result of this intriguing response, Cleve became obsessed with a desire to understand the cellular communication process which he called primary perception. Studies were done on various plants; brine shrimp; non-fertile chicken eggs; E. Coli bacteria; bacteria present in plain yogurt; bacteria from an aquarium; in vitro animal cells; in vitro human white blood cells (oral leukocytes); human spermatozoa; and human whole blood. The instrumentation used was primarily the GSR (skin conductance) component of the polygraph, but later included electro-encephalograph (EEG) and electro-cardiograph (EKG). Distance seemed to impose no limitations to communication between cells. For example, Dr. Brian O’Leary, a NASA scientist-astronaut, conducted successful experiments with Cleve both in the laboratory and over distances of 350 miles away using his own donated white blood cells. Also, the use of electromagnetic shielding in experiments produced no deterring effects upon results implying a non-local process.

Cleve Backster’s research has been replicated, but others have failed in their attempts at replication and disparage his work. Cleve believes there exists a strong propensity for an "experimenter effect" in this type of research. The connection or bond between the experimenter and the life form being monitored must be eliminated. This is the reason that Cleve eventually used automated experiments. In addition, his research clearly indicates the importance of spontaneity and sincere intention. Both plants and human cells appear to discriminate between a thought that you do not really mean and a thought that is "for real." Thus, what appears to be occurring in Cleve’s experiments is a communication between one’s thoughts and one’s cells regardless of where the cells are located — an instantaneous non-local linkage.

I find it fascinating and quite encouraging that several NASA scientists-astronauts are taking part of this type of research and even running institutes to study and educate about mind - body - spirit connection, psychic work etc. Another astronaut worth mentioning studying related things and working with Dr. Backster is NASA scientist Dr. Edgar Mitchell, at his Institute of Noetic Sciences (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute_of_Noetic_Sciences)

Well back to the story, the interesting thing is that the experiment is rather easy to replicate so anyone who want to find out if it's true or not just need to get one of those polygraphs, hook it up and see what they get, following Backster's protocols.

Apparently, the evidence presented in above links show that there is something going on, and personally I don't see why a plant should not be able to be conscious just because it does not have a brain, it is a completely different life form than human and animals or insects etc.

A brain might be needed for more complex tasks such as calculating things, moving around, and in other way control the physical body which they are in.

I know we have a consciousness that can exist outside of the physical body, and even without the physical body, and if that is possible, I don't see why a plant can't have consciousness as well.

For me this is a proven and established fact from personal experiments and practice for many years, as well as done in group with friends and other people, where there has been performed tests that show without any doubt that this is true, that our mind/consciousness can exist separated from our bodies and be in completely different locations and are pretty much limitless by time and space. Our physical bodies seem to be a more mechanical type of vehicle or machinery to be able to interact and do things here in the physical world, why it is like that, or how it got to be like that I don't know though I have some theories that seems probable for me but that's a whole other discussion.

First of all, it seems they possibly are conscious, at the moment I can't say that with 100% certainty but I do think they are. This is due to several reasons, one is the fact that they are living beings and I personally simply think all living beings have some sort of consciousness in one way or other as that is part of being alive.

Then to some more hands on personal accounts. As already explained, I told you that as a person can have his consciousness separated from his body, this means that consciousness is not limited to our physical beings, but can exist anywhere, in any space, at any time, completely separated from its physical host. This is from already explained personal experience and experimentation. So as said, if consciousness do not need a physical body, and thus not a physical brain, and not anything physical at all, I see it probable that plants can have consciousness of some sort as well, as it's clearly not limited to creatures with brains.

Second reason is that plants have a very strong energy, that can be sensed with astral or aura sight, and in other ways too such as sensations when being close to them etc. It is like they radiate a pleasent peaceful and harmonic energy that seems to be of a conscious sort when you are around with them, and have at least developed the abilities to sense such things, or if you have such abilities already from birth. I guess most people can agree plants are pleasent and nature is nice to be in - at least personally I feel greatly refreshed and literally feel the energy emitting from the plants and botanical life such as trees etc that goes through my being and fills me up with their love and healing powers, I've often meditated in the nature and felt I've come in contact with the nature - that means the plants, trees, etc, the botanical aspect of nature.

A third reason is that I once experienced to be directly connected to a tree in a meditative state, and yes it probably sounds silly and what not but from all my spiritual experiences that I've previously proven for myself to be real, I found this to most likely be real as well. What happened was that the tree itself basically transmitted its "thoughts" to me in a way and told me about its long life and things it had experienced through many years and sent me some energies that could be used for healing and I could even for a short while see this energy emitting out from my hands as yellow laser beams when I tried to, though that visual aspect disappeared the power still were there and my healing abilities improved from that moment on.

The communication was a way that is hard to describe, the best way I can say is "telepathic" as the information just came to me without words obviously but it certainly gave me the reason to believe that trees and botanical life not only are conscious beings but also have some sort of intelligence that is pretty high, the problem is that they can't do much, as you or someone else stated, they can't move, they can't speak, they are just there working silently for us all. And it IS a fact that without botanical life there would be no life, at least no life that depends on oxygene - so they are like silent workers that demands nothing and are there just to keep life going and to help heal, as it seems to me from these experiences.

Of course this was a personal experience, so obviously this is not something I can give any evidence for, but yet for me it was real and also in tune with what I've heard many other people claim about "contacts" with the botanical world later on. I was actually very surprised myself to have this experience and it changed a lot about my views on botanical life.

Then you have these other experiments people have done, from talking nice to their plants and giving them love and that apparently makes them healthier and grow better, while negative energies seem to make them more miserable - though these tests and experiments are somewhat disputed as I see from what people have posted, but still it seems to be something about it from many of the different experiments various people have done regarding plants.

An interesting note is that some plants contain chemicals that affects the mind of human, considering certain plants have these psychedelic properties, may the effects of this be that you temporarily emerge your consciousness with that of the plant? And why would a plant have chemicals that produce spiritual experiences, can it be part of the conscious makeup of the plant itself in a physical aspect just like our brain contains all kinds of various chemicals that gives different effects. Regarding psychedelic aspects, DMT is a part of the human brain, and plants containing DMT can trigger and release this and lead to profound experience according to those who've tried it.

This again leads to psychic abilities, as some people, including one on a forum I visit, have reported having psychic experiences and visions during the states induced by such plants, that have been verified to be real at a later occasion by several persons (such as the person somewhere in a forum who said he/she had taken some drugs with a friend and seen the Columbia shuttle explode a couple days before it happened or something along those lines)

So is an psychedelic experience always an hallucination, in other words an illusion? I would say not, that they can be real experiences that can and have been verified by people involved in them. For some it has changed their lives and led to great spiritual insights and complete new belief systems and way of living.

And to mention shamans, they also use these plants for divination purposes, from finding out who a thief is, to locate and heal diseases.

A good video about this is Shamans of the Amazon, here is a preview of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NZpOXj6u78

In the above mentioned video, the shaman makes a prediction regarding the guy who is making the documentary, and it turns out to be true. Also it contains interesting information, experiences and theories about these substances, including last ever interview with Terrence McKenna.

Even for those not interested in the spirituality, effects of psychedelic plants, shamanism etc, the video is still interesting as a documentary on the culture and lifestyle of the indians in the amazon and I highly recommend checking it out.

It's available as torrent at http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3296934/Shamans_of_the_Amazon

Ok so back to the topic, some people claim plants are psychic and have a consciousness, from my own experience I say that it is probable and seem to be that way as earlier explained from my own experiences. And when you also consider the fact that these plants themselves can give people amazing spiritual experiences and limited psychic abilities, there seems to be a link there as well regarding consciousness and plants.

For those interested in such plants and the effects they can induce, I recommend the series called "Sacred Weeds" which is a documentary produced as a scientific study on these plants and their effects:

So, do plants DO have a consciousness? I don't know for certain, but it seems that way to me from my own and others research and experiments and experiences. But I won't go as far and say there is no doubt about it, as more research and experimentation needs to be done in regards of this, unlike what I can say about things such as astral projection and human consciousness' ability to be separated from the physical body as that has been proven and tested and is beyond doubt. But there are indications strongly suggestion, at least from my perspective, that there is some sort of consciousness in plants.

So these things combined, with a couple other things that I'm too tired to write about now, basically is the reason why I think what I do about plants and consciousness , and as a final note to me the whole universe seem to be a conscious process based in the great mind of the All - whatever that is.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Physical manifestation of the 4 arch angels

Well today I had a pretty interesting experience. Actually one of the most interesting spiritual experiences I've had while in the physical world and not astral projecting.

As I'm doing High Magic, and active with practicing various magical systems and studying the laws and principles of the universe and multiverse, I'm doing some rituals and such.

And today I was performing several rituals, one of them which includes evoking the arch angels, Rafael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel.

Normally I just feel the presence but never see them. But today was very different..

After performing the evocation of the archangels, I suddenly noticed a change in the atmosphere and energies around me. I felt embraced by a powerful divine energy, shooting through me. And in the mirror I have in front of me I started to see manifestations, vague but still something, a form of motion and morphing going on.

I decided to carry on with the rest of my rituals, one which includes asking my angel guardians and spirit guides to be there for me and assist me, contact me, protect me, etc.

After performing this and two other rituals which is basically a form of energy work connecting more with the divine, I opened my eyes again and this time a great majestic force went through me, a powerful godly energy that I can't explain, and in the mirror I saw motions and morphing going on at a rapid pace, as myself changing form etc..

And then I decided to try ask for the arch angels to reveal themselves. I first asked Rafael to come forth. And as soon as I asked, there he was! Right in front of me, in the mirror, and it was a glorious sight. He was surrounded by a yellow golden radiant aura emitting from all of his being, and he looked very beautiful and I felt a strong energy from his direction.

After studying him and just watching him and feeling the energies for a while, I decided to ask Gabriel to show himself. And yet again, as soon as I asked, there he came, and with him came a huge wave of energy passing through me like a lighting striking me. It was very powerful and I was amazed to see them appear like this. Gabriel was wearing a blue gown and had a lot of blue energy coming from him, and a great powerful feeling of divine spirituality.

Then the next one I asked to reveal himself was Michael, and he came and appeared before me with a great red energy field surrounding him, and he was wearing red clothes, and his eyes were shining bright. I watched him for a while, and felt his energy, and then moved on to the next.

And the next one I asked for was the last one, Uriel, he (or she? I couldn't really tell) appeared in a less clear way than all the others, but with stronger energetic sensations, and was dressed in a brownish-dark-green clothing, and had an energy flowing out of him that felt "earthly", that's the best description I can give.

Then I decided to ask them all to appear at once together, and I saw them all flashing around in the mirror until they melted together and sort of faded but left behind a powerful energy field in the room and in the mirror, where I now could see myself.

I lifted up my hands, and felt energy around, and tried to make energy shoot out of my hands. And a purple beam of energy came from both my hands, so I put my hands up closely together and created an energy ball between my hands.

Then I asked the arch angels to fill this energy ball with their own powers and energy, which they did, and I also added some energy of my own and asked my spirit guides and guardian angel to add some energy for success, health, healing, love, protection and guidance. And it was charged. Then I sent it into my own chest and was filled with this energy that the ball had been filled with.

Then I thanked the Arch Angels for showing themselves to me and giving me this incredible experience, and I went on to do a Tarot contemplation ritual, which simply consists of mixing up the cards and picking one. I got 21 - The universe, which symbolises completeness and fulfilled success etc.

After that, I did a license to depart for all spirits and astral entities that had been attracted to me and my surroundings during the ritual, and sent them back home to where they came from, and finished my ritual by this and filled out the experience in my magical diary.

It was quite a day, and that was a really intense yet lovely experience, and first time I've managed to physically manifest beings from higher realms in this way.

-Frater Shaganoz