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Friday, May 2, 2008

A spiritual helping hand

Hello all.

I've decided to do something I don't normally do to/with random people I don't know, but something I've been doing for some friends for some time now. They seem to have benefited from it and they are all happy for me doing this for them and some of them have also achieved great spiritual experiences and deeper insights about themselves from this.

So first a little background information on what this is about:

I'm a frequent and long time researcher, student and practicer as well as teacher of so called "occult arts", "magick", "metaphysics", "psychic stuff" and so on. One of the things I do is frequently perform ceremonial magick, which includes various rituals and meditations.

This is what I will focus on here, and the ceremonial magick ritual in question is one I perform for friends and people whom have asked me to do, to help them to heal from diseases both physical and mental, other illnesses, problems in their lives, to gain deeper spiritual experiences and insights, to get in touch with their own spiritual self, guardian angels and spirit guides, financial trouble, love problems, social problems, phobias, and so on. To put things short, I have a list of people whom I help this way, and if you want I'll add you on that same list. If at some point you want me to remove you from you list, I will do so immediately.

The help I offer is not only a one-way passive thing for the one being helped, I will ask those who want to be helped to perform various easy to do meditations and rituals themselves to further improve the effect, as well as do my best to teach them some about the spiritual principles and laws that can be useful to know about so one can live more in tune with those and become more in harmony with oneself, others and the world - and beyond.

I do not demand anyone to do these things, or some parts they might not like to do for whatever reason, though I strongly recommend it for greater success.

In addition, as a note, I must add a DISCLAIMER: I must stress that anyone with any sorts of serious problems, physical or mental, should ALWAYS check up with a health-care professional first of all. You should also ask your health-care professional if he/she consider it fine for you to take part of this sort of "alternate self-help" and clearly tell all parts of what this involves. I am NOT a "guru", or "healer" or anything like that, just a guy who want to help in a way I feel I can. I do not promise any results, and I do not take any responsibility of any effects taking part of this might have on your part as this is a choice totally up to you.

So with that said, I've already posed a thread about the ritual this includes here: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=116089&view=findpost&p=2087376

The difference is that after evoking the arch angels, I ask them to send love, healing, power, joy, protection, success, cleansing and good fortune to everyone on my list, and I ask them to also help these people get in touch with their own guardian angels and spirit guides and gain deeper insights and understanding about themselves. I also ask my own guardian angel and spirit guide to help in this process. Then I spend a moment of meditation sending out love and good feelings to everyone on my list asking that they will achieve their goals in a way that is good to themselves and anyone involved. Then I continue the rest of the rituals and at the end thank the angels and guides for their blessings, love, help and support.

So that is pretty much it, those who want to take part of this can email me shaganoz@gmail.com to get added on this list. And please do not ask me to add other persons as I only will add people whom I've gotten the explicit permission to do so.

A good thing is that you can change anything for your better, and instead of creating negative manifestations, make them positive. Specially now that you are aware of this possibility, you should look more into literature about Thought Forms and how the Mind affects the Universe (and the world around you).

Actually all mystical teachings, magic, healing, psychic powers and etc all have this very important law to thank for their functionality - that your Mind is the creator of what happens in your life, and that what you have in your mind will Manifest in Reality.

Maybe you will find these related articles interesting and enlightening as well:

Here is an article about thought forms:

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Kybalion (The seven hermetic principles): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kybalion

Hermeticism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermeticism

All of these articles has many terms and names linked to other articles specifically about them which you may find interesting to check out too.

Some books worth checking out regarding thought forms and the power of the mind:
Creating Magical Entities: http://www.amazon.com/Creating-Magickal-Entities-Complete-Creation/dp/1932517448

Wisdom of the Mystic Masters: http://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Mystic-Masters-Joseph-Weed/dp/0139615326

New Hermetics: http://www.amazon.com/New-Hermetics-Century-Magick-Illumination/dp/1578633052

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How to get rich with the secret use of quantum science:

The Secret - The Law of Attraction: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8232908426051098611

Short text on how to create thought forms for good purposes: http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/t/thought_forms_how_to_program_and_use.html

That's some resources for you to get your nose around in and see if it can make any sense and be as useful for you as it has for me.. With that said good luck on a great journey ahead of you, I'm sure you'll have many interesting and wonderful experiences and insights in the coming times!

I've also offered you to get signed up on a newsletter I will send out now and then with various meditations, rituals, philosophical and spiritual texts of my own, recommendations for books and videos and other things. So you can chose to be signed up on my ritual list, my newsletter list, or both. I do all this work for free and do not charge anything for anything just so that is clear, and for the records the newsletter will not contain any ads or such but be straight and informational on the topic this is about.

Any questions people here have regarding the rituals etc, or other things related to this thread, let me know!

Profound peace be with all!